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   GOL VASH production company was founded in 1980 in Shahriyar town , Western Tehran Province.The main activity of the company started with the production of tomato paste and all kinds of jam and compote.
from the outset, the production of high quality products has come to the forefront of managers
The Company Founded the KAMCHIN Brand with motto of “Persian Food , available anywhere” and by offering products such as Halim, Broth and many kinds of Persian traditional soups, was able to draw attention to the taste.
And now this company is in top place of the list of Iranian ready-made food producers with more than 50 different products.
KAMCHIN has been able to maintain the highest quality in addition to produce variety of different products.
our variety of products is a new record in ready-made foods production and This is the result of many years of experience and effort of our dedicated staff.
KAMCHIN now has a warm presence at the table of Iranian families cause of its products homemade taste.
And with a motto of “best quality is the best advertisement” , KAMCHIN is walking on the road more determined to maintain this presence.
In five continents ,anywhere the world ,whenever dear Iranians decide to have an authentic Persian meal , KAMCHIN offers its varied food menu .
Given the difficulty of Iranian food preparation overseas , KAMCHIN has been able to meet most of their needs and still trying to Iranians not forget homegrown foods taste.


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